We will be closed for browsing from Nov. 9th through at least Nov. 30th. Convenient Pick-up Service will be available during all regular, open hours.

Our popular, no-contact, convenient pick-up service will be provided for the long term. Take advantage of this great way to get the materials you need! See procedures below.

Patrons will be able to “order” materials through these means:

●      Reserving in the online catalog available on our website at www.elgin.lib.ia.us or through the Librista app available in the AppStore or the Google Playstore.

●      Emailing the library at librarylisa@elgin.lib.ia.us

●      Facebook message to the library through the Elgin Public Library Facebook page

●      Texting Lisa on her cell at 563-880-1803 and identifying yourself first and then your list. Texting is better than calling, as your number will probably not be identified on Lisa's phone.

In requesting materials other than through the app or online catalog, patrons should:

●      Be specific about what books and materials they need/want. Include authors and other identifying information.

●      If requesting children’s books for any age and with no specific titles, patrons may ask for a number of books on certain topic and have library staff make specific choices. Such as “I would like 5 books about bugs to read to my kindergartner and 3 books on WWII for my 5th grader.” General requests such as “10 picture books” are also acceptable if patrons don’t care which the topics are chosen.

Patrons should let library staff know when they can/will be picking books up during open hours. They should pick up their bag of books in the foyer of the library which will be marked with their name. Returns should be made through the outside drop box to eliminate the mixing of “clean” and “unclean” materials.

Procedures for cleaning books will be that each item will be quarantined for 72 hours and then sanitized with disinfecting wipes or other cleaner before reshelving.

No fines will be charged during this time. A donation jar to help alleviate this portion of the budget will be placed in the foyer to help reduce contact with money and patrons with staff. Donations of cleaning supplies are EXTREMELY welcome! Just leave them on the table in the foyer.

Lisa is also willing to do book delivery to those who cannot leave their home to pick up books at the library. Just text Lisa at (563) 880-1803 or call the library at 426-5313 to set up a delivery.


When the library reopens for patron browsing, check-out, and limited computer use, the following protocols will again be in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Patrons should enter through the park-side, foyer door.
  • Upon entry, patrons are asked to use hand sanitizer or put on gloves. Using your own sanitizer is encouraged, but we would like you to use it upon entry. This includes all children.
  • Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  • We strongly suggest wearing a cloth mask during your visit. If you do not have one, a limited number of disposable masks will be available.
  • Social distancing of 6 ft. MUST be maintained between those who are not in the same household. This will limit the number of people in the building.
  • A 30-minute time limit inside the building will be enforced.
  • Computers will be limited to 2 workstations for distancing purposes. Chromebooks may be checked out at the desk for use in the building. Free wifi!
  • If you browse a book(s) or movie(s) and do not wish to check them out, please place them in the crates/carts that are marked throughout the library so materials can be cleaned/quarantined. Because of this procedure, patrons are encouraged to touch only items they wish to check out.